Pittsburgh Truck Accident Attorney

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Tractor-trailers are monsters of the highway. Everyday on Pennsylvania highways, like the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-80 or I-79, there are thousands of trucks moving along those highways. When you’re in a car, minivan, or even an SUV, and you collide with a truck, the truck always wins.

Trucks are generally going at a high rate of speed. When you combine that with their size, the result is usually a devastating accident. Injuries from truck accidents can be devastating and life-threatening. It’s important that you hire an attorney who’s experienced at handling truck accidents.

The investigation is unlike any other vehicle accident. Different kinds of evidence need to be secured: the results of the drug and alcohol test of the truck driver must be obtained, driver logs must be secured, and an inspection of the truck must be done as soon as possible.

We’ve handled many cases involving phantom trucks. By that, I mean when a truck causes you to go off the road but leaves the scene of an accident, you still may be entitled to monetary damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, let me put my experience to work for you so that I can ensure that you will receive the best possible outcome for your case. 412-338-1000