Pittsburgh Defective Product Attorney

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Using a defective product can result in a very serious injury. Products liability cases usually involve a manufacturer who made a defective product, or once a product has been put in service, it’s been altered in some way to make it dangerous and defective.

We’ve seen products cases at work, we’ve seen defective products at the home, and even the car you’re driving or the tires you’re riding on can be defective.

Too often I’ve seen cases where an employer alters a piece of equipment trying to increase productivity. By removing a safety bar, the employer has made that piece of equipment unsafe. In this type of case, an employer can be held responsible.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product you suspect is defective, it is critically important that we investigate and, if possible, secure the product before it is lost or repaired. Please give our law firm a call: 412-338-1000.