Opening a Claim With a Nursing Home’s Insurance: When to Act and How

When to Act and How
If you have a loved one who was injured due to negligent nursing home care, you should file a claim against the facility. The facility should have insurance to cover any damages that a resident suffers because of the facilities negligence in hiring, patient care, inadequate responses to dangerous situations or medical malpractice.

When Should You Act?

The key is to take action immediately when your loved one suffers injuries. If your loved one is injured while in the care of a facility, it is important to hire an attorney to get the investigation going at the first red flag observed. These are some examples of signs that may be contributing to the injuries:

When you see workers failing to meet important standards or neglecting your loved one, write down the details of what you see. If possible, you can try to record a video or take photos on your smartphone to show to an attorney. Call our offices to talk to our Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyers.

Why You Need an Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

There are two important reasons to work with an attorney. First, it is challenging to prove negligence in many cases, and it is important to present a strong case. Second, the legal proceedings involved in insurance disputes are complex. Having someone who understands the process and the law will help.

How Hal Waldman & Associates Can Help You

Nursing homes will use any available evidence to benefit themselves in their defense. The nursing home and its staff will adamantly deny any wrongdoing. Unless there is solid evidence, proving negligence can be difficult on your own. However, we know how to help investigate and uncover wrongdoing. At Hal Waldman & Associates, we know how to handle the legal proceedings and negotiate with nursing home insurance companies. For a confidential consultation with Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyers, please contact us.