Do You Have A Possible Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

We all can be a little clumsy sometimes.

But the slip and fall accident lawyers at Hal Waldman & Associates in Pittsburgh want you to know that when you are seriously injured after a fall on someone else’s property, under circumstances that should have been prevented, you may want to consider pursuing a slip and fall lawsuit to cover expenses related to your accident and to prevent someone else from being victimized by the same type of negligence.

If you suffered serious injury after falling on someone else’s Pittsburgh property, please contact the skilled premises liability lawyers at Hal Waldman & Associates for a slip and fall lawsuit consultation.

You may also have a slip and fall claim if your injury happened as a result of a known hazard. When the property owner failed to protect the public from that hazard, the law was broken.

In order to prove your personal injury claim after a slip and fall injury, here are three key questions your lawyer will need to explore.

Was the Property Genuinely Unsafe?

In order to prove your premises liability claim, we must prove that there was in-fact an unsafe condition in the location where your accident occurred. The property owner also must have directly caused this unsafe condition.

Some common conditions that result in slip and fall lawsuits include:

Was the Property Owner Aware of the Danger?

In order to successfully litigate your Pittsburgh slip and fall lawsuit, our lawyers must not only show that the conditions were hazardous, we also must show that the property owner was aware of this danger. If the owner was unaware of the hazard, or failed to have adequate time to properly address the hazard, your lawsuit may not succeed.

Was There a Posted Hazard Warning?

In some cases, property owners knew about a hazardous situation but were unable to immediately remedy the situation. In this case, they have a duty to warn the public to the possibility of danger on their property.

Your Slip and Fall Lawsuit Consultation

Slip and fall cases are not always easy to prove. But at Hal Waldman & Associates, our Pittsburgh accident attorneys are dedicated to achieving justice for the victims of serious property negligence.

To further explore whether the conditions that resulted in your slip and fall injury are well-suited for a personal injury claim, please contact one of the skilled premises liability lawyers at Hal Waldman & Associates for a slip and fall lawsuit consultation.